A-Z of Reasons to be Happy!

As the year goes on I’m feeling happier with each week that passes. I’m blessed to have a great family, lovely friends and adventures lined up throughout the year. I want to share with you some of the things contributing to my new found happiness ❤

A – Adventures Lots planned for the year, can’t wait.
B – Blogging!
C – My Car Gets me from A-B 🚗
D – Documentaries Usually medical/animal ones!
E – Edinburgh A truly beautiful city
F – My Family & Friends can’t live without them ❤
G – Gnocci A lovely new discovery
H – Hairdressers I’ve started going more often and actually enjoying the experience!
I – Ice cream The weather is warmer, so why not!
J – My Job (Medical receptionist in case you wondered) 🏥
K – Knitwear love a nice jumper
L – Lazy Days
M – Make up 💄
N – Novels I don’t read as often as I should but I love a good book!
O – The Outdoors 🌳
P – Taking Photographs
Q – Quiche My dad makes a legendary quiche!
R – Rabbits
S – Sunshine 🌞
T – Travelling
U – Umbrellas A pretty Cath Kidston one please for this great British weather.
V – VHS Tapes family videos are the best way to spend a rainy day 📼
W – WordPress!
X – Xylophone (I can’t think of any other X words…)
Y – Yellow Always a happy colour
Z – Zebrugge A ferry ride away for me, to access a whole new world like Bruge & Paris ❤

Thing about the things that make you happy… Can you make an A-Z of happiness?


My charity hair chop

Having known a fair few people who have cancer, or who have previously had it, I have always felt that the work Cancer Charity’s do is amazing. From diagnosis to treatment, hospice care and such like – it wouldn’t be possible without these charity’s.

I decided to cut my waist length hair and donate the hair to the Little Princess Trust, who take these hair cuttings and turn them into a wig for a child who is undergoing cancer treatment.

As a girl myself, I know how much of a comfort blanket my hair is, and how important it is for self expression and confidence for a young person. To lose it through cancer treatment must be devastating, so to be able to help just one person with hair I no longer have a use for felt like the best thing I could do!

One of my work friends suggested asking for sponsor money for the ‘big hair chop’, since I was cutting approx 30cm from my hair. I hadn’t even thought about it to be honest, I didnt think anyone would be interested in sponsoring me… How wrong was I!?

In just 3/4 short weeks, my friends and family, work colleagues new and old all sponsored me and I managed to raise a total of £530, which I donated to Cancer Research UK.

I am also really happy with my finished new look… New year, new me! I asked for balyage colouring, similar to ombre but its meant to look more natural?!
I love the result… After being so nervous when she asked if I was ready for the braids to come off!

I had my previous hairstyle for my whole life so far so I was definitely ready for a change!

Have you tried a new hair style this new year?


Alisha x

Handmade tablet case

Until about 6 months ago, I didn’t own a tablet – I know, I know, where have I been all this time? So, anyway, I pulled myself up to date and bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 10.1 inch screen, in case you were wondering.

Obviously I wanted screen cover, a case, loads of apps etc. for my shiny new gadget. First stop, for something a little bit different and hopefully unique, was Etsy… I love how it’s like a market for all things homemade. I also looked on pinterest for ideas on what I was after…

I figured instead of the standard hardback case, I wanted a material cover, as I am pretty careful with my gadgets so didn’t see the need to bullet proof it.

Now, I aren’t afraid to spend money on quality, but when I saw covers I liked on Etsy which were minimum £35, I figured I could do something similar for a whole lot cheaper!

I went to the local haberdashery chain shop and perused what they had to offer… I was making sure to do this properly – lining material, padding for protection and a toggle of some sort…

I found a lovely material which wasn’t priced up, and judging by the other similar materials, it wasn’t going to be cheap.  But, I went to the till where the guy didn’t seem to know a needle from thread, told me I could have it for a very reasonable price – a lot cheaper than I was expecting, so much so I nearly snatched it from him!

So, I had bought the material and over the Christmas holidays I hand sewed my own tablet case! I admit to being rather proud of it as I’ve never sewn anything this complicated before…

Have a look below at the finished result….

What do you think?


2016 plans

I’m very excited about 2016. Not only am I on a mission to regain my inner happiness, which 2015 zapped out of me, but I already have lots of exciting things planned and its only mid January.

At the beginning of February I am going on a shopping day to Leeds, one of, if not the largest city in Yorkshire (don’t quote me on that!). My sister and I do love a spot of shopping and feel we needed a day out somewhere, so Leeds it is. We already have a shopping list because Leeds has a Harvey Nichols, and our city doesn’t so we cannot wait!!

Another plan for 2016 is visiting Snowdonia in Wales with my family… We have booked a lovely cottage which has its own boat moored to the river beside the cottage (cool, right!?)… That point sold it to my dad who loves all things boats… So yes, that is June so I’m sure you’ll hear more of that nearer the time!

I’ve also booked a week away in the Lake District for Autumn time… I love the outdoors/wildlife in Autumn, I think the colours are beautiful so I’ll definitely be taking my camera with me.

What are your plans in 2016?