Feature Favourites: May

Firstly I apologise for missing a few posts over the last 10 days, I’ve been away on a road trip with my friends and so, as a result, my blogging has suffered. I have included some holiday snaps to make up for it! 😀


This month I have been super busy and June doesn’t seem like it will be any quieter at this rate!

So, without further a do, lets talk favourites!

Nescafe Instant Caramel Coffee
Now it may seem really pricey, but when you work out how many drinks it’ll make you, it’s so worth it. This coffee smells amazing and tastes so much better than a regular coffee. If caramel isn’t your thing, fear not! There are lots of different flavours within the range.

Revlon Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick
Now, there isn’t no denying I agree with majority when I say the finish isn’t matte. However it is such a lovely formula and it smells so nice as well! It lasts for a long time, fades well and reapplies beautifully. The packaging is also very sleek. I have the most nude shade Seduction but there are plenty of bold colours to choose from as well.


Cath Kidston Wash/Make Up Bag
I found that I was running out of space for my make up when I travelled using a regular make up bag, so on one of my recent trips to Edinburgh (because we don’t have a CK where I live *sob*) I bought myself this beautiful bag. I can now fit everything in and it is just so pretty!


Becca & Jaclyn Hill Highlight in Champagne Pop
This is undeniably the most heavenly of all highlighters. It provides a truly beautiful shimmery glow. All the while, still maintaining a natural look! I cannot recommend it enough, it’s worth the splurge.


TK Maxx Trio of Drawers
I am a sucker for TK Maxx, as most of you will already know. When I saw these cute little drawers I popped them straight into my basket. I am currently using them to store my individual blushes but I am yet to decide what the other drawers are for. Yes, I know, impulse buy. But it makes me happy when I see it, so it’s all good, right? 😉

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
I didn’t think I would ever sway from UD’s Concealer however I fancied a change when I got to the end of the bottle. NARS have not disappointed. I got the shade Vanilla which is the perfect shade for me. It doesn’t crease, or go clumpy or look drying over time. It’s brill!

As promised some holiday snaps for you, to make up for my late post!


National Museum of Scotland


Bluebell woods


The Royal Mile


Afternoon Tea for Two


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