A-Z of Reasons to be Happy!

As the year goes on I’m feeling happier with each week that passes. I’m blessed to have a great family, lovely friends and adventures lined up throughout the year. I want to share with you some of the things contributing to my new found happiness ❤

A – Adventures Lots planned for the year, can’t wait.
B – Blogging!
C – My Car Gets me from A-B 🚗
D – Documentaries Usually medical/animal ones!
E – Edinburgh A truly beautiful city
F – My Family & Friends can’t live without them ❤
G – Gnocci A lovely new discovery
H – Hairdressers I’ve started going more often and actually enjoying the experience!
I – Ice cream The weather is warmer, so why not!
J – My Job (Medical receptionist in case you wondered) 🏥
K – Knitwear love a nice jumper
L – Lazy Days
M – Make up 💄
N – Novels I don’t read as often as I should but I love a good book!
O – The Outdoors 🌳
P – Taking Photographs
Q – Quiche My dad makes a legendary quiche!
R – Rabbits
S – Sunshine 🌞
T – Travelling
U – Umbrellas A pretty Cath Kidston one please for this great British weather.
V – VHS Tapes family videos are the best way to spend a rainy day 📼
W – WordPress!
X – Xylophone (I can’t think of any other X words…)
Y – Yellow Always a happy colour
Z – Zebrugge A ferry ride away for me, to access a whole new world like Bruge & Paris ❤

Thing about the things that make you happy… Can you make an A-Z of happiness?


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