Depop: The Lowdown

Depop. It will be the death of my bank balance.


If you’re familiar with sites like eBay, you’re already halfway there.

In a nutshell Depop is a buying app for anything and everything from pottery to beauty products. It’s also a selling app for those unwanted dust collectors you haven’t got round to taking to the charity shop.

•Always check sellers feedback before jumping into the deep end – especially if you are buying branded items – Depop and other sites are notorious for fake goods.
•You can make your purchase through the app using you bank card, or through a link to PayPal. Using this option ensures that you are protected in case there are any issues with the product, delivery, or with the seller. Buying through the app does incur a charge for the seller, so sometimes they will ask you to pay through f&f. What does this mean? It’s using the ‘friends and family’ option directly through PayPal, sending the money using their email address. This avoids the charges from their end but means you won’t be covered if anything goes wrong.
•If you’re looking for something specific, use the search function or browse the categories. It is a great place for finding a gem, and I’ve bought so many things already!

Here are a few bargains I have picked up…


Purchased from Depop for £40. RRP £85. Hardly worn


Purchased from Depop, hardly used. £25

•You can sell pretty much anything at a price that you choose. Depop will take a cut of the profit so remember this when pricing up your products.
•It is so simple to do, just snap a few photographs, write a short description using keywords, set your price and postage and you are done!
•Do ensure that you are charging enough to cover your postage costs as remember small parcels are now £2.85 each within the UK!
•Try to take honest and clear photographs – if there is a fault – mention it! You might still get some interest, and its much better being upfront about it than dealing with the hassle and bad feedback afterwards!
•Once you’ve sold something make sure to post it as soon as you can to make sure your buyer gives you good feedback.
•Something to note is that Depop hold any money made for 14 days before you can ‘withdraw’ it from the app straight into your bank account – presumably this is incase there are any problems with the transaction!

There are rules for using Depop such as not selling used make up products, which is frequently ignored and violated by users. It depends what you are after, but sometimes you can pick up an amazing bargain!

If you’d like to follow me, and see what I’m selling, my username is @alishamaccy

Use discretion and common sense and you’ll be fine! Happy shopping.


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