Palettes: Hits & Misses


I’m writing this post whilst sat in beautiful sunshine in the countryside. In case you wondered!

It makes a real change from yesterday when it snowed and rained all day! I certainly aren’t complaining though, I have missed feeling the sun on my face.

Anywho! I have developed a love of eyeshadows after many years avoiding them, because I didn’t have the confidence or the know-how. This is a little insight into the palettes I have purchased and what I think to them! 🙂

Bella Pierre

Go Smokey
This was one of the first palettes I bought when I started to experiment with eye shadows. It includes great base colours and is an excellent palette for a smokey eye as the name suggests. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Go Natural
Pink themed palette which has some lovely shimmery colours and a couple of good base shadows. Well pigmented and they last all day. I do tend to mix it with other palettes due to the colour being quite pale in tone, but after all it is a natural palette!

Cargo Cosmetics

Suited to a Tea
This is the first one I bought from Cargo Cosmetics and as a full cream shadow palette I have to say I was disappointed. I couldn’t use it on its own as it isn’t very pigmented. There are a one or two I will sometimes use for a base, but it isn’t generally a palette I reach for. Not one I would recommend you buy, their other ones are better!

Vintage Escapes and Summer in the City
I picked these two palettes up at TK Maxx on one of my regular jaunts there. I was a little sceptical after my first Cargo purchase but I checked out the reviews online and took the plunge. I am so glad I did because I regularly use both palettes, they work really well together for different looks. They are so much better pigmented than the Time for Tea palette, so I’d definitely buy them if you get chance. Love them!


Morphe Brushes
12 Colour Natural Beauty
New to my collection from my lovely sister. She knows I favour a natural/brown eye look which this palette is perfect for. I also love the neutral yellow shade, it’s great for blending out! Excellent for those of you who love a natural look and are looking for some great quality shadows.

BH Cosmetics & Carli Bybel
I love this palette, it can do no wrong!
My favourite gold eyeshadow is in this palette. It is so pigmented and rich in colour. I hope and wish for its release as a single pan but it seems unlikely.
I recommend it!


It is fair to say there have been some hits and some misses with my palettes but I do love trying new ones… I may have to clear some space in my drawers if I’m going to buy anymore though!

Thanks for reading!



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