Double Wear Light: The Review

Now I aren’t going to lie. Foundations are my weakness. Having purchased 3 premium brand foundations in the last two months, I can’t really deny it anymore!

This is my latest splurge, the Estée Lauder Double Wear Light foundation, in the shade 0.5.

Let’s remind ourselves what this foundation claims to do:

To be as light as air on your skin
Long wearing (up to 15 hours)
Controls oil
Smudge resistant – won’t melt off!

Let’s start with the light as air texture. Now on first glance the foundation seems the same consistency of my Charlotte Tilbury foundation, however once I start applying it, it is a sheer coverage, which is as advertised. I use my Real Techniques sponge to apply it.

Once set, it leaves a matte medium coverage, which is easily buildable in places that need a little more touching up. It looks natural and the shade is exactly right for my skin tone. It feels like I aren’t wearing anything! Light as air = tick!


Estée Lauder offers a good range of shades, their lightest shade is a great match for me. People with even lighter skin may struggle – my sister and fellow blogger Everything’s Looking Rosie gave it a try and she’s a shade lighter than me usually, and she found it to be slightly too dark, unfortunately. Saying that though, I found it great and I know many others do, I guess you can’t please everyone!

I found that this foundation controls oil really well. I wore it on my longest day at work to give it the ultimate test and it went from 7am to 2pm without needing to touch up my nose and chin. Even then, I was nowhere near as shiny as some foundations leave me. It then lasted all day right through till 7pm. Mark me impressed. Long wearing = tick! Controls oil = tick!

I love that this foundation manages to look natural and last all day and control my shiny prone face. I have normal/combo skin and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for a natural looking, medium coverage foundation!

Have you tried double wear light? What did you think?


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