Stila: The Review

Stila’s Stay All Day HD Beauty Balm claims to offer 10 in 1 benefits to your skin, so I thought I’d put it to the test!


Whilst out shopping the other day I happened to pop into TK Maxx (no surprise there then!) I picked up a few beauty products, one of which was Stila’s 10 in 1 HD Beauty Balm, or whatever it calls itself, crazy long titled product.

This little tube retails at a whopping £26 and was in TK Maxx for £3.99! So obviously I threw it straight in my basket.

It claims to simplify your skincare and beauty regime by being a moisturiser, anti aging serum, sheer foundation/primer all in one.

It has a very velvety feel to it and is quite a thick consistency, thicker than I was expecting anyway! It has a beige tint to it, so you can easily wear it by itself, or as a primer. Personally I like a more medium coverage so I wouldn’t wear it on its own.

I found it reduced redness on my cheeks and smoothed me out. Now, I am still youthful so I don’t have wrinkles yet, but I was really happy with it as a base product, my skin looked really smooth and not oily to start with. It left me with a smooth blank canvas to start applying the rest of my make up and I found my foundation went on easier after using the balm.

The beige tint is good so long as you’re a light – medium skin tone, you don’t want it to be too different to your natural colour so be aware those who are paler than me or who have a lot warmer skin tone, it’s probably not for you.

The only downside I came across is that despite initially keeping my T-Zone looking oil free, as the day went on the oil control lessened and I did find myself having to touch up my chin and nose after looking a bit shiny!

Overall I am impressed with the Beauty Balm, I’m not convinced it’s actually 10 in 1 things but I’ll definitely use it as a primer. I wouldn’t go as far as paying £26 for a tube because I don’t think you get enough product to make it worthwhile, but if you see it in TK Maxx, then definitely treat yourself!

I give it 8/10

Have you tried this Beauty Balm? What did you think?


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