Miracle Balm

Has anyone else suffered with the dreaded winter cold yet? It always seems to be when you are having a good make up day, feel happy with yourself, and then the inevitable happens when you step outside – your nose starts running and your eyes start to stream. Sexy, right?

You either have to dab and hope for the best, or hope no one notices. Probably best to dab, people will think you’re crying and then you’re just drawing attention to yourself, meaning they might see the runny nose as well. Gosh, being a girl is hard work.

Any who,  I was plagued with a winter cold this week, feeling sorry for myself,  disguising my rudolph nose with my MAC concealer. I also had a headache and came across this miracle of a balm in the pharmacy next door to my work… Firstly,  I fell in love with the cute packaging. Who doesn’t like tigers?


After speaking to the ladies at work, they said they swear by it, so obviously I went and bought some myself.  Having never heard of it before I was a little dubious on whether it would help my head. Well, I needn’t have worried, I applied it to my temples and as well as making my headache fade away, the light menthol scent seemed to work wonders on my sinus’ too.

I still think the packaging is really cute, but I love the fact it has dried up my cold and grotty feelings quickly, meaning no more rudolph nose,  and no more watery eyes.

Do you swear by a certain product when you’re feeling ill? It’d be great to know about!



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