West Elm Dressing Table

Exciting news. My dressing table has arrived.




Now, you might not think that this is a big deal,  but since moving back home to live with my parents I’ve been making do with using a camping table in place of a dressing table. Don’t get me wrong, I made it homely with a tablecloth and accessories but to actually get a dressing table is very exciting indeed.


imageThis beautiful scent bottle caught my eye. Therewere a few different designs to choose from but I felt the one went with my bedroom theme the most… I love it!




I also got a lovely tray and storage for my brushes!




So, anyway, onto the main feature – MY DRESSING TABLE!!


I chose the colour Oregano which is a lovely soft mint green/duck egg blue colour. There are other colours available which are more standard but I like to be different.

The main attraction to the dresser was definitely the full length drawer that it boasts, it screamed ‘make up drawer’ to me…and how right was I! I still need to purchase some drawer inserts to organise my make up but I’m so happy with it 😀


What do you think?


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