My charity hair chop

Having known a fair few people who have cancer, or who have previously had it, I have always felt that the work Cancer Charity’s do is amazing. From diagnosis to treatment, hospice care and such like – it wouldn’t be possible without these charity’s.

I decided to cut my waist length hair and donate the hair to the Little Princess Trust, who take these hair cuttings and turn them into a wig for a child who is undergoing cancer treatment.

As a girl myself, I know how much of a comfort blanket my hair is, and how important it is for self expression and confidence for a young person. To lose it through cancer treatment must be devastating, so to be able to help just one person with hair I no longer have a use for felt like the best thing I could do!

One of my work friends suggested asking for sponsor money for the ‘big hair chop’, since I was cutting approx 30cm from my hair. I hadn’t even thought about it to be honest, I didnt think anyone would be interested in sponsoring me… How wrong was I!?

In just 3/4 short weeks, my friends and family, work colleagues new and old all sponsored me and I managed to raise a total of £530, which I donated to Cancer Research UK.

I am also really happy with my finished new look… New year, new me! I asked for balyage colouring, similar to ombre but its meant to look more natural?!
I love the result… After being so nervous when she asked if I was ready for the braids to come off!

I had my previous hairstyle for my whole life so far so I was definitely ready for a change!

Have you tried a new hair style this new year?


Alisha x


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