Got Inked

Got Inked – Cushion Eyeliner


I have no real excuse for buying myself this little treat, other than I’ve worked hard this week…that qualifies right?!

It is the most expensive eyeliner I’ve purchased at £20 a pop…however I’ve never come across an eyeliner that’s a cushion before!

I hadn’t heard great things about Stila’s brush therefore I did a bit of research and bought myself the LilyLoLo angled brushed, with smudger…

I have a reasonably steady hand so I figured, what could go wrong!? So… The first time I tried it, my wings were a little bigger than I’d normally go for, but it was my own fault – I was rushing…

The next time I tried it I made sure to give myself plenty of time and the results were much better… It’s easy to create a nice straight line without any dreaded wobbles, if you use a good angled brush. The cushion part, I still find odd but it works, so I aren’t complaining!

The colour I got was Obsidian Black, a true black… Very impressed.

Longevity of the product is the main winner for me, it didn’t budge all day, seriously, not even a millimetre!

I definitely recommend this eyeliner if you don’t mind paying the price.

I give it 9/10.







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