Handmade tablet case

Until about 6 months ago, I didn’t own a tablet – I know, I know, where have I been all this time? So, anyway, I pulled myself up to date and bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, 10.1 inch screen, in case you were wondering.

Obviously I wanted screen cover, a case, loads of apps etc. for my shiny new gadget. First stop, for something a little bit different and hopefully unique, was Etsy… I love how it’s like a market for all things homemade. I also looked on pinterest for ideas on what I was after…

I figured instead of the standard hardback case, I wanted a material cover, as I am pretty careful with my gadgets so didn’t see the need to bullet proof it.

Now, I aren’t afraid to spend money on quality, but when I saw covers I liked on Etsy which were minimum £35, I figured I could do something similar for a whole lot cheaper!

I went to the local haberdashery chain shop and perused what they had to offer… I was making sure to do this properly – lining material, padding for protection and a toggle of some sort…

I found a lovely material which wasn’t priced up, and judging by the other similar materials, it wasn’t going to be cheap.  But, I went to the till where the guy didn’t seem to know a needle from thread, told me I could have it for a very reasonable price – a lot cheaper than I was expecting, so much so I nearly snatched it from him!

So, I had bought the material and over the Christmas holidays I hand sewed my own tablet case! I admit to being rather proud of it as I’ve never sewn anything this complicated before…

Have a look below at the finished result….

What do you think?



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