2016 plans

I’m very excited about 2016. Not only am I on a mission to regain my inner happiness, which 2015 zapped out of me, but I already have lots of exciting things planned and its only mid January.

At the beginning of February I am going on a shopping day to Leeds, one of, if not the largest city in Yorkshire (don’t quote me on that!). My sister and I do love a spot of shopping and feel we needed a day out somewhere, so Leeds it is. We already have a shopping list because Leeds has a Harvey Nichols, and our city doesn’t so we cannot wait!!

Another plan for 2016 is visiting Snowdonia in Wales with my family… We have booked a lovely cottage which has its own boat moored to the river beside the cottage (cool, right!?)… That point sold it to my dad who loves all things boats… So yes, that is June so I’m sure you’ll hear more of that nearer the time!

I’ve also booked a week away in the Lake District for Autumn time… I love the outdoors/wildlife in Autumn, I think the colours are beautiful so I’ll definitely be taking my camera with me.

What are your plans in 2016?



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