Wednesday adventures

I have a Wednesday off from work and like to make the most of it by going somewhere different, and I’ll be honest, spending money!

Today I went to a street in the city which is well known for its great cafés, nightlife, boutiques and charity shops – a lot for one street I know, but trust me, it never disappoints.

My aim today was the charity shops, there’s about 8-10 in all, some better than others but all worth a look. One I have had success in before is Age UK, and as well as being a great charity they also seem to be getting donations from big spenders, shall we say. Todays bargain from there was a lovely Laura Ashley red duffle coat, complete with toggles and everything! It’s in absolutely great condition, hardly worn I would say! That isnt even the best thing, it was only £6! For a Laura Ashley coat! I know, I couldn’t believe it either. So clearly I ran to the check-out.

There is also a few boutique/vintage charity shops… I didn’t buy anything today from them but I love looking at all the nick-naks.

From the Oxfam shop I bought a lovely M&S wool cardi in pastel colours, for only £3.99! Definitely will have been about £25+ new, and again it was in great condition.

Obviously after all of the shopping we had to stop for an obligatory coffee and cake. I chose Gingerbread Cheesecake, and mum had Chocolate Riot cake…both were delicious! We also had a latte with honeycomb syrup, yum! It was like drinking a Crunchie.




It was a lovely Wednesday outing with my mum, and I do love getting a bargain as well. Only downside is that tomorrow is Thursday and that means back to work! Boo. 



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